Bluetooth Headphones MK1

Thank you for your purchase, your business is greatly appreciated it!

We hope you enjoy your new headphones! Here are some tips on how to set up the headphones and use them:

(Charging Basics) The first step is to charge your headphones, this can eb done by using an usb outlet that supplies 5V of power at either 1-2.1 A current. This is simple, you can charge this by plugging in the supplied micro-usb cable to any usb outlet on a computer, laptop, cell phone charging brick etc. After a while (should be less than 2 hours of charging), your headphone will have a solid blue led light. A solid single blue light means the battery is in full charge. A Red led light means the battery isn’t at full charge/ or hasn’t completed it’s full charge cycle yet.

(Break-in Basics) After you complete your charging, you can use them to your liking! Please note the small speakers inside the earphones will have a short break-in time. This process usually takes 1-3 hours of constant use and at a mid-level to high-level volume. Once the break-in is complete you will notice more clear and louder volumes.

(Daily-Use Basics) To prolong life of the headphones please avoid harsh tugging on the cables and joints. Avoid water or liquids that can harm the internals of the headphones as well. For any defects or issues, please email us at or visit us at

(Warranty) We offer a 14-day hassle free warranty, this means for any issues you have please message us as soon as possible, and we will fix it immediately (1-2 business days). All units are final sale after 14 days. For repairs or other issues, please contact us and we will get back to you within 4 business days.

(Bluetooth Pairing) To pair your headphones to any device, please make sure the device supports Bluetooth v4.1 (most devices will on today’s market).

  1. Pairing is done by pressing the center button for 3 seconds, you will notice the top light blinking red and blue on your Bluetooth headphones. This means the headphones are in “pairing” mode.
  2. Now open your device’s settings and go to the Bluetooth options. On available devices you should see a device called “Bluetooth music”, this is your headphones. After clicking on “Bluetooth music” you should have a successful connection instantly. If not, please repeat the pairing steps.
  3. Now your ready to use your headphones! Enjoy!

    Bluetooth Headphones MK1
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